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Double my closing rate with SumoQuote

Branded SumoQuote build that sells Hey there! We've got some great news that'll help you sell more effectively! Did you know that fully branding your proposal with your company's identity can make a huge difference? It gives your product or service a unique and exclusive feel that makes it even more valuable in the eyes of potential customers. Lucky for you, our team of expert SumoQuote project managers can help you achieve this level of customization, boosting your chances of success and helping you sell like a pro! Let's make it happen!
SumoQuote build that upsells & drives growth We are thrilled to offer our top-rated package, complete with a comprehensive upgrade strategy that features our amazing hero pages. Our team of talented professionals, including a copywriter and graphic designer, will work alongside you to create a proposal system that will help to increase upsells and drive your company's growth to new heights. You won't have to worry about any pricing or calculations, as we take care of those based on your job estimates. Plus, we are excited to offer you 3 training sessions, complete with recorded materials, to ensure your sales team is well-equipped and ready to succeed. Let's get started!
SumoQuote build that doubles your closing rate in 45 days w/ no production chaos or profit loss - GUARANTEED

Experience the ultimate guarantee of success with our team! We make it our mission to eliminate all the obstacles and challenges that may arise and take full responsibility for the outcome. Using a consultative and coaching approach, we will teach you how to evolve your business to meet the increasing demand for transparency and exceptional customer service. We will also handle all the pricing and calculations by talking with your manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and contractors. Our team will create a SumoQuote and pricing strategy using the best practices for upgrades and cross-sells. We will thoroughly train your entire team on how to use this system and seamlessly integrate it with your software. Witness your closing rate and profit double in just 45 days by entrusting us with the success of your business. Comes with a 110% Money Back Guarantee!

We need help with Business Management Consulting

Partnership Agreement

We have consultant advisors on our roster who can help with the complexities of setting up a partnership agreement. Adam our CEO, having the experience of being a roofing business partner in his own roofing company, has navigated this for better or worth and understands firsthand the importance of starting any limited partnership or other structure for roofing companies' cooperation properly from the onset.  Get real-world advice and access to professional legal services from personally vetted representation! 

Business Accounts

Having established companies and partnerships for his entire adult life across a variety of industries and sizes both in Canada and the United States, our CEO has lived the lessons of doing it right and wrong. One of the key success metrics is getting business accounts set up properly. This can be business and credit accounts or something as simple as setting up a chart of accounts. 

We have collected a number of consultants and advisors to assist you in the proper structuring of your accounts to protect yourself and your team for maximum upside. 

Business Partner hiding information

In today's digital age, there is an increasingly complex environment in which businesses operate. 

As part of our CRM Audit service, as well as many others, we can help you discover the entity relationships, actors, and accounts that exist in your systems and create a measure of accountability. 

We can find if your business partner is hiding information, money, data, or intellectual property. Eliminate theft and protect your investment. Worst case scenario if your business venture is under threat, we can help you navigate the operating agreement with your business partners. We are happy to mediate as empathetic partners who understand the challenges of business as well as guide you when it's time to connect with an attorney for filing a criminal and civil offense. 

Qualify a Business Venture

As a Roofing Business Partner that has also served the industry in many modalities as a consultant, Adam can offer much guidance here. 

Due to the number of opportunities that float across his desk for qualification, we can help you decide whether your idea is a good business venture. Sometimes the best way to make sure your current business accounts stay full is to avoid something instead of adding something. 

Criminal and Civil Offense Consulting

Going to litigation with business partners is tough, scary, and in many cases, irreversible. 

In many cases, what you need is empathy, mediation, and understanding. We know a lot about navigating change, challenges, and growth, having worked on-site managing digital revolutions, CRM migrations, audits, and other technical consulting tasks. 

Before going to court, check your mindset and contact us for help. We are happy to help you qualify your feelings of injustice, and if you need to direct you in the best way, we can to qualified licensed professionals in our network to help you. 

Operating Agreement

If you want to start a roofing company, this is an important first step. Even if you want to avoid getting business partners, it is important to plan how you intend to operate your business. 

We have hourly consulting call services where we can find and bring in the right advisor with experience in your primary concerns, areas of risk, or possible return. 

We are losing control of production

We're not getting paid for change orders

There is a very clear process to reduce this problem to zero. Field staff must know how to stop the bus and report a change in site conditions. Then, could you fulfill the need of the office to document those site conditions so costs can be estimated? And this needs to be done quickly and efficiently, so it can be sent to the Customer for approval to reduce wasteful hours on the site, wondering what the next course of action is. Luckily, we have a system called ARRIVY that you can connect that has all of these factors built-in, making it easier to adapt quickly. 

We need to keep our customers up to date on our schedule You're in the right place! Our solutions can give your customer the kind of experience that they expect from Uber, which is far beyond what they can expect from the rest industry. Less than 1% of contractors are providing this kind of last-mile experience. Hiding in this problem is the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and dominate your market.
We need better field service management

We use and integrate the most versatile tools to deliver a 21st-century experience. While also delivering you and your team more business intelligence and field insights to make better decisions and react to dynamic conditions on-site with proven strategies to protect your bottom line and increase Customer satisfaction.

We need better quality control

The best time to do quality control is during the job instead of quality assurance after the job. We can help design your system to make it easy for field teams to be monitored remotely and quickly respond to quality issues before the job is complete. This will increase profits and reduce the logistical nightmares of doing things twice.

We are making profit but have problems that need to be solved

Audit CRM Process

Typically when you have profit and problems, it's a process issue, and it's restricting your company from being able to grow. The best way for us to diagnose where the bottlenecks are and how to unlock your next leg of growth is to audit your CRM and your company process. We can do this in-person or remotely over Zoom to meet any budget. Our 162-point checklist and a 32-page report will give you insights to chart your path forward.

We have lots of customers but not making enough profit

We need to increase perceived value

We have many solutions for this. We can improve the initial Customer experience so the Customer sees you as a quality company. We can work with our trusted partners to improve your website so that you are viewed as a premium brand, or we can improve your process so your buyer's journey is frictionless. Sometimes it's a matter of improving your SumoQuote proposal so customers understand how much you do for them and what value you bring. It is a matter of delivering a 21st-century estimating experience that drives down marketing expenses through reduced Customer acquisition spending. The best next step is doing a CRM Audit.

We are throwing people at problems

This is a very common problem. Most businesses have created a Frankenstein web of processes and tools that have come as a response to problems over time. You probably have tools, spreadsheets, checklists, whiteboards, and who knows what and needs more communication and connection to your departments. We see this everywhere, and you probably think other companies out there have found a way to deal with this problem, and you would be right. You are probably worried if so and so quits her job. You would be completely lost(F%$!ed). We can help and suggest you book a meeting to get a CRM audit with us as soon as possible and ask to include our solution extraction survey for your team. This is the fastest way to get your business back on track in less than two weeks! 

We are losing market share/not scaling as fast as we should be

Even if you are unaware of this problem, you will probably be experiencing it soon.

In 2018 there were 88,000 roofing companies; in 2022, there are over 107,000 roofing companies registered in the United States.

There is also capital flowing in from the tech industry and private equity funds looking to consolidate and roll up the industry.

The solar industry is also buying up roofing companies in anticipation that all roofing materials will include some form of solar-powered/photovoltaic capabilities.

If you are in another trade in the construction industry, you likely have a little more time, but you are next.

We have a system in place that will help you scale and defend your market. Or we can help you strategize towards a sale of your business or other liquidity events. Please book a call with us today to learn more.