Robust Customer Relationship Management developed specifically for the Roofing Industry.

We understand your unique needs and challenges. That's why our CRM comes loaded with industry-specific features such as production management pipelines, lead tracking, quoting and estimating tools, and integration with other roofing-specific software.



Custom pricing. Incredible Features.

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The CRM to Get Started.

Ideal for businesses up to $2M in revenue. Includes Setup + Onboarding and Training for your entire team, along with access to valuable resources.



The CRM for Growth.

Ideal for businesses in the $3-8M revenue range. Guaranteed Revenue Growth or your money back. Requires purchase of a RevOps Consulting Subscription.



The CRM to Thrive.

Ideal for businesses in the $8-17M revenue range. Customized CRM build with DevOps upgrades and add-on options for any business need. 


The Completely Custom CRM.

Ideal for businesses above $17M in revenue. Fully Customized CRM build including add-ons, upgrades, and DevOps support for all areas of your business and beyond. 

Improved Customer Relationships

Effectively manage customer interactions and keep track of communications, inquiries, and service requests. By having a centralized database of customer information, companies can provide personalized service, anticipate customer needs, and build stronger relationships.


Streamlined Sales Process

Streamline your sales process by organizing leads, tracking proposals, and managing customer communication. Features like automated reminders and task scheduling help roofing companies ensure timely follow-ups, increase conversion rates, boost sales efficiency, and collect positive reviews.


Optimized Marketing Efforts

Advanced segment of roofing company customers based on criteria such as location, preferences, and purchase history. This allows for targeted marketing campaigns, personalized promotions, and better customer engagement. These analytics provide insights into campaign effectiveness to optimize marketing strategies to boost revenue generation and brand awareness.


Integrated Production Management

Manage production timelines for roofing projects, allocating resources, and tracking key milestones. By centralizing job-related information like contracts, deals, and invoices, our system ensures better coordination among team members for improved project delivery and customer satisfaction.

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CRM Features Comparison

Check out which RBP Build is right for your business. 

Get Started
Custom Quote
Get Started
HubSpot LITE
Custom Quote
Get Started
Custom Quote
Get Started
Custom Quote Get Started
Ideal Company Revenue
0 - $2mm
$3mm - $8mm
$5mm - $17mm
Typical Customer
Single Segment Roofing Company
Up to 2 Segment Roofing Company
Multi Segment Multi Product Company
Multi Segment Multi Product Company
Avg. Time to Impact
14 Days
30 Days
75 - 90 days
120 days
HubSpot Build Features
HubSpot Hubs
Free / Starter
Sales Hub Enterprise, Marketing Hub Pro, Service Hub Pro, Operations Hub Pro, CMS Hub Starter
Sales Hub Enterprise, Service Hub Enterprise, Marketing Hub Pro, Operations Hub Pro, CMS Hub optional
Enterprise Suite
Pipelines Included
1 (Deal Pipeline)
2 (Deal and Ticket Pipeline)
2+ (Multiple Deal and Ticket types)
3+ Customized
Pipeline Options
Retail OR Insurance
Advanced Retail and/or Insurance
Retail, Insurance, Repairs, Commercial, Institutional
All in HubSpot Lite + Any Custom Options
20+ Customized
Data Capture / Playbooks
Google Form
Lead Intake, Job File Playbook, 5 Star Google Review Printer + 2 Custom
All in Platform + Customized
Fully custom based on Scope
Email Sequences
Fully custom based on Scope
Custom Objects
Building, Bill, Deposit, Change Order. (Claims, Supplement Order, Employee Tracking with *Upgrade)
Fully Custom Defined by Scope
Fully Custom Defined by Scope
Add-on Options
Guided Sumo, Arrivy, VOIP (or upgrade)
Sumo, Arrivy, Voip, + Custom
Supports all Add-ons / Fully Custom
RBP Support Features
Mission Control by RBP
Guided Setup & Onboarding
6 Hours
20 hours
Defined by Scope
Defined by Scope
1:1 Remote Training
3 Hours
10 hours
3 hrs/person up to 30 employees
Defined by Headcount
CRM Data Migration
200 Deals Import Only
360 Deals, Import + Export plus up to 4 attachments per Deal manually added. Unlimited Contacts.
Unlimited Import Export, up to 5000 deals of 10 attachments per deal manually added. Unlimited Contacts
Defined by Scope
Business Process Maps
Access to RBP Live Courses
Free Courses + 1 Weekly Group Consulting w/ Adam Sand
Unlimited Free Courses + 2x Weekly Group Consulting w/ Adam Sand
Unlimited Free courses, 2x premium courses per month + 20% discount all other premium courses.
Unlimited Free courses, 2x premium courses per week + 20% discount all other premium courses.
RevOps Consulting
6 month contract (Purchase required, billed after first 45 days)
30 Days Included
60 Days Included

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