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SumoQuote Engineer

SumoQuote Engineer

$30 hourly + Production Bonuses!
100% Remote Work Allowed


SumoQuote engineers work in the background of our SumoQuote setup services under the project manager and account managers. They are the brains behind the beauty of our SumoQuote design philosophy. They work diligently to replicate the customer's estimating process of the client inside the SumoQuote measurement tokens and pricing pages. This person needs to be intelligent, good at math, and have a strong understanding of how roofs go together. The skills can also be taught to build estimating and quoting abilities for other construction services from Plumbing to Painting, Solar and drywall. All it takes is the ability to ask the right questions of the client to understand exactly how a project goes from an idea to a build with a budget for material and labor. 



  • Work with the onboarding team to get a clear understanding of the quoting needs of our clients during their SumoQuote Builds
  • Conduct Recorded Zoom Meetings with Clients and perform Demonstrations of how to configure price quotes. 
  • Communicate with clients through their service ticket in the SumoQuote onboarding pipeline
  • Make detailed notes of engagements with clients and keep a Clean record of your activities in Hubspot.   
  • Participate in daily huddles and weekly meetings. 
  • Copy Price line items and calculations from a raw sheet into the SumoQuote platform
  • Record revisions and completions of projects
  • Maintain the utmost respect for Data Governance and standard operating procedures.
  • Develop playbooks, create properties, add new users, and grow into more skills with supervision. 
  • Check in daily and provide updates on builds in progress. 
  • Communicate regularly with the team in Slack
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Day in the Life of this Role

If this role is of interest to you it is important to know what it might be like to work here. 

  • Day Start

    Check for new tickets from account managers, on any previously built SumoQuotes. Ensure to get them on your radar. 

  • Check in

    Check-in on Slack. Let us know your daily goals, what you got done yesterday, and what your weekly focus is. Identify issues that you are stuck on, and post your Calendar commitments in with a single click. 
  • Quick Wins

    Provide Solutions and fixes to any service tickets in your tasks, make sure to uphold service level agreements. 
  • Build Time

    This is where you go to work on the ongoing projects and do anything in your scope of work to maintain our 9 day guarantee of the build. You only need focus on pricing and the build. Graphics, Creative, gathering assets will be covered by your team. 
  • Record Screenshares

    Document instructions, fixes, adjustments and ideas in screenshares for your account manager to review and share with clients where needed. 
  • Closeout Tasks

    Ensure the tasks set by you and your team for yourself have been closed or addressed. Send any required screen recordings or instructions to the team. Always aim to maximize the ability of your offshore team to get work done overnight. 
(Training provided)


  • Willingness to work 36 hours per Week
  • SumoQuote Training
  • 1 Year Estimating or SumoQuote Experience
  • Service Hub Software Certification
  • Sunlight Financial Training
  • Service Hub Admin Course
  • Sales Hub Admin Course
  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Support Course




Technology democratizes consumption and commoditizes production. If you are the best in the world at what you do, you get to do it for everyone. We envision the consolidation of industries down to the minimum viable market needed players. We are innovating to the minor required count of operators in any given market and expanding the opportunity for meaningful, gainful employment with companies at the top of their game who use our products and services to make work meaningful and filled with purpose. 

 Through better-designed systems and processes, more people can function in line with their unique abilities to make work rewarding and equitable while making our clients hit exponential growth curves and higher bottom dollar profits in the long term.

Our mission is to make work more rewarding through Engineering better Customer Experiences. 


Working for us means being part of creating products that shape the future of legacy industries.

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