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SumoQuote Sales

Salary + Commission + Bonuses!
100% Remote Work Allowed


You are the backbone of opportunity in the company and create income for the entire team to support their families. This is a noble responsibility, and we expect sales teams to treat their jobs as a privilege. There are three types of sales cultures, Premadonnas, Monkeys, and Heroes. Some cultures allow for pushy, arrogant toxic sales reps that belittle other departments, some companies feel their product is so good that "any monkey" could do this, and finally, there are Hero sales cultures. We believe this is a place that hires heroes.  A place where the team counts on the customer acquisition team to stand in the gap and protect the brand and team. We believe the rest of the team should support and give patience to the sales department but not enable them to be sloppy. Truly one of the most fun and rewarding jobs in the company! We are excited to meet you, Sales Hero! 



  • Conduct Recorded Zoom Meetings with Clients and perform Demos of SumoQuote and our Setup Services. 
  • Maintain relationships with clients via phone, text, and e-mail. 
  • Make detailed notes of engagements with clients and keep a Clean record of your opportunities in Hubspot.  
  • Follow and contribute to the improvement of our sales process. 
  • Participate in daily huddles and weekly sales meetings. 
  • Inquire with clients on a regular basis to check in on their progress and success with the products and services provided
  • Record revisions and completions of projects
  • Maintain an utmost respect for Data Governance and standard operating procedures.
  • Develop playbooks and workflows with supervision.
  • Maintain client brand standards at all times. 
  • Communicate regularly with the team in Slack


  • Willingness to work 30+ hours per Week
  • Sales Hub Implementation Certification
  • Sales Hub Software Certification
  • SumoQuote Product Features Course 
  • Frictionless Sales Certification
  • 1 Year Sales history in B2B Software
  • Strong english language and sales skills
  • Motivated to learn new tools and techniques.




Technology democratizes consumption and commoditizes production. If you are the best in the world at what you do, you get to do it for everyone. We envision the consolidation of industries down to the minimum viable market needed players. We are innovating to the minor required count of operators in any given market and expanding the opportunity for meaningful, gainful employment with companies at the top of their game who use our products and services to make work meaningful and filled with purpose. 

 Through better-designed systems and processes, more people can function in line with their unique abilities to make work rewarding and equitable while making our clients hit exponential growth curves and higher bottom dollar profits in the long term.

Our mission is to make work more rewarding through Engineering better Customer Experiences. 


Working for us means being part of creating products that shape the future of legacy industries.

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